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SHM has been promoting Christian Released Time (CRT) Education all over Philadelphia and regions beyond.  Since November of 2002, working with churches and with the Lord’s help, SHM has been able to get some areas of the city started with CRT.  Classes have been meeting during regular school hours, but much more is still being developed.  Other areas of the city are “in process;” important meetings are being held, etc.  Please pray for this effort.  There is a crying need for help relative to the Philadelphia public schools.  One Philadelphia educator was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer concerning the “new wave of brutality” even in elementary schools.  He said, “We’re still very clueless as to what to do with these students.”  Alas, CRT is one thing that can be done.  The students need hope, and that hope is found no where else but in Christ.


More information is available about Christian Released Time below

CRT brochure This is the brochure that is handed out at presentations about CRT

CRT power point* to view the online web version of the power point presentation

* Please note you may get an active x warning about viewing but the items are virus and bug free.

CRT power point download version this is the actual Power Point presentation

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